Van Miller “SURF God BOB”

“I have know Homey for most of his life.  In that time I have seen few
people more enthusiastic about the water.  We’ve discussed design on
and off for a number of years.  In 2009 (hom, is this correct?) I was
blessed by Homey with a 7′ 4″ quad.  Let me tell you this is one of
the finest all around boards I have surfed in my 50 years on the
water.  Very loose and fun in small surf (and I’m a big guy so that’s
no small thing) but where the board really shines is in large surf.
It just keeps going faster and faster.  Big powerful turns and holds
rock steady at high speeds.  One thing I would like to mention is the
board has an exquisit glass job.  Very hard.  All in all very satified
with Jeff’s design.  This is truely a labor of love.  If you enjoy a
true handcrafted board, look no further”.

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