“I like surfing WhoMe boards mainly because I know they are man made. They ride ridiculously well and bring out the best of surfing in me. I love that I know where the board came from and how it was shaped. Surfing in itself is an amazing sport, its one of the only sports where man connects with a natural movement from the earth. I think that’s why so many people find the phenomenon of surfing to be so incredible, because we are connecting one on one with the ocean. I’ve watched “Homie” (Jeff) shape boards, and I can tell that the connection he has while riding a wave; is the same connection he has while shaping each individual surfboard. Each board is made specifically and with a purpose. Its important for each individual surfer to find that connection between himself and the water, I would say that WhoMe boards make that connection stronger, and more visible as to why we love surfing.”

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